jSite is a graphical application that you can use to create, insert and manage your own Freenet sites. It was written in Java by Bombe.

You can download jSite here

Starting jSite

To start jSite, type the following in a terminal:

	java -jar jSite.jar

The first window you see is this:

In the pane to the left, already created projects can be selected for updating, deleting or cloning. Since this is the first start, no such projects exist.

Creating a Freesite

To create a new Freesite, you click the Add project-button. You then need to fill in the details of the project. Under the Project information-section:

Under the Address-section, there are some automatically generated entries, and the human readable name for the site, as seen in the address-field of the browser:

Below is an example of how it might look:

When everything is filled in correctly, you may press Next.

The next step is to add files to your Freenet site (or Freesite). This is done in the dialog called Project Files. Since we have no files in the current directory, yet, the dialog is pretty much empty.

To add files, we put some files in the local directory we specified earlier, /home/test, and press Re-scan. Then, presto, the files appear.

We then highlight one of these files that will be the default page (e.g. index.html might be a good choice) and check the Default file checkbox. It should recognise the MIME type as text/html, so leave everything else as they are and click the Insert now button.

If all goes well, a window like the one below should appear. It may take quite a while to insert the Freesite, several minutes in fact.

When all is finished, you will get a message pop-up that tells you that the site has been inserted successfully. You can copy the URI to the clip-board by clicking the Copy URI to Clipboard -button.

Then you can use FProxy to surf to your newly created Freesite. Just paste the URI after the


in the browser address bar, like this (cut for screen purposes):


If it works, congratulations, you have just created your first Freesite!